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San Diego Music Students

Music has long been recognized as an important part in educating a well-rounded child. Its value lies deep in building persistence and patience while providing an art form for creative expression. Depending on your individual child, there might be a number of reasons to consider starting music lessons.

Music for the Brain

It has long been believed that music has an important role in the human brain. This explains why you see expectant mothers playing Mozart for the unborn babies growing in their swollen bellies. Researcher Howard Gardner says that music truly does have an important impact on the developing mind. Music helps to organize the cognitive processes needed for any subject. This is because music stimulates the vestibular system (the inner ear which contributes to balance, spatial orientation and the sensory system). And that allows all of the senses to coordinate with one another.

Why Start Music Lessons

Music is also a powerful tool when it comes to allowing expression and providing an outlet for processing your feelings. Some things are just too difficult to put into words. But that does not mean we don’t feel them and need to let go. Music offers the opportunity for this kind of emotional release that does not require a verbal explanation. It can have a soothing effect for stressed and angry individuals or be a vehicle for demonstrating happiness.

Music for the Body

In addition to coordinating the sense, building memory and letting out emotions, music also has profound physical effects. Music provides great practice for both gross and fine motor skills. Learning to keep a beat by clapping takes the synchronization of small muscles. Playing an instrument involves multitasking with different motions required of different body parts simultaneously. Songs can also stimulate creative movement through dance.

But Mostly, Music for Fun

Underlying all these great lessons, fun is perhaps the most important aspect that music can offer children. Columnist Mark Oppenheimer argues that it is important to recognize that the main pursuit is enjoyment not a scholarship to Julliard. In attempting to teach children the value of perseverance and practice, we can’t lose sight of the fact that music is an artistic pursuit meant for fun learning. And if this is the case, then learning to sing a simple campfire song with the guitar might be sufficient for some children while others will want to pursue the hours of intensive training required to master the cello.

San Diego Music Students

San Diego parents who are interested in involving their children in music can take advantage of a number of resources. You can discover community music programs at local colleges and universities and search takelessons.com for private instructors in the area. San Diego County also offers a few impressive youth symphonies which your child may someday wish to join. These include:

•San Diego Youth Symphony, BalboaPark

•The New Youth Orchestra, SorrentoValley

•Civic Youth Orchestra, NorthCounty

Music can open up some incredible possibilities, from helping the brain develop to teaching fine motor skills and letting kids release their emotions. These are all compelling reasons to open up the world music for your child.

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