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Review: The Yoga Factory

The Yoga Factory provided a free class for me to attend. All opinions are my own.


School is starting up again in a couple of weeks, and I don’t know about you, but it always seems like a busy time of year.  Back-to-school shopping, getting up early again and figuring out schedules that work for everyone, homework, prepping lunches, forms to complete.  Then there’s the other activities your kids may be in that add to the busy-ness.  Soccer is starting up again at our house.  Maybe your kids have sports’ practices or dance or music or are in scouts.  Do you feel your blood pressure rising a little?  It can be a stressful time of year.  How do you relieve some of that stress?

I recently visited The Yoga Factory, a fairly new Hillcrest yoga studio offering a variety of Yoga and Pilates classes to help you take a little time for yourself, destress, and revitalize.  They are the first Yoga studio in San Diego to specialize in AntiGravity Aerial Yoga, AntiGravity Aerial Pilates and Acroyoga. The Yoga Factory has 10 AntiGravity hammocks which help students get into more advanced yoga or Pilates’ poses.

AntiGravity hammocks
Photo Courtesy of The Yoga Factory

I went on a Friday night to the Thai Massage Yoga class.  A combination of massage and yoga sounded like a perfect way to unwind after a long week! I took along a friend who has done a lot more yoga than I have.  We were excited to try out the class.  The room was spacious and open, comfortable, and created a nice ambience with the sounds of trickling water and soft music playing.  We brought our own mats and towels, but we were able to use the bricks and blankets provided at the studio.  The class was over an hour long, continually inviting us to relax, focus on our breathing, stretch, and be in tune with all that we had going on.  The class involves essential oils – if you want them.  I love essential oils and welcomed them as part of the class.  Peppermint was used to start the class, opening up our senses and awareness.  Later on, a bend called Balance was used as a grounding oil.  It contains rosewood, frankincense, spruce and blue tansy.  I enjoyed the uses of oil, although I found myself wishing for more use of oils during the class.

While the class was very relaxing and enjoyable and provided a great way to end the week, I would recommend it more as a beginning class.  If you are a yoga enthusiast, I would suggest one of the new types of classes with the AntiGravity hammocks.  Our class was quite simple. There was some massage and help by the instructor in stretching and it felt good, but I think I was expecting more.  It may be just what this class was designed to do, and it was relaxing.  For just $15 for over an hour, it would be a great class to grab a few fellow moms and have a rejuvenating evening out.  If you are in the Hillcrest area and are looking for some stress-relieving time away, The Yoga Factory is definitely worth trying out.

Photo Courtesy of The Yoga Factory

The Yoga Factory has a 12pm class every weekday for just $8.  If you work in the area and want to try a class on your lunch break, check it out.  That is a great deal.  The rest of the classes are $15 for drop-in (Antigravity drop-in is $19) and yoga classes only are $20 for 10 consecutive days.  All class descriptions and a schedule are listed online.

Visit the Yoga Factory at 1228A University Ave. (Entrance on Cleveland Ave. 2nd Floor). Contact number is 619.719.5292.  More classes will be added soon.  Give them a try and keep your stress levels in check as you recharge with The Yoga Factory.

The Yoga Factory provided a free class for me to attend. All opinions are my own.

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