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National Comedy Theatre Has San Diego Cracking Up

Whose Line is it anyway comedy theatre in San Diego

Photo by Daren Scott

Remember the TV show Whose Line is it Anyway?, from the 80’s, starring famous comedians like Drew Carrey and my boy Wayne Brady (who I got to meet when I was a contestant on Don’t Forget the Lyrcis!). I watched that show religiously when it first came out, mainly because it made me laugh hysterically, but also because I was (and still am) in awe of people who are that quick on their feet, and flippin’ hilarious to boot. Give me a script and I can be on any stage, but just whisper the word “Improv” and I break out into a wicked cold sweat.

If you’re not familiar with the format of this type of comedy performance, basically, there are a handful of comedians on stage at a time, a moderator who gives them a scenario, and then audience members call the shots, yelling out names, places, and situations that the performers have to act out with no prep time whatsoever. Inevitably zany antics ensue and the audience literally cries from laughing so hard.

Here in San Diego, we have our very own version of Whose Line is It Anyway with the National Comedy Theatre, which can boast of being the longest running show in San Diego. They perform on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00pm and 9:45pm at a cozy little theatre in Mission Hills (and a few other times throughout the month. Check the NCT website for the full schedule). A night out at one of the NCT’s shows is perfect for a date night, a girls’ night or any sort of special occasion, really.

TIP: Go for a pint and some fish ‘n’ chips at Shakespeare’s British Pub just next to the theatre before the show, and/or a cup of Gelato ice cream and a coffee drink after the show.

I’ve known about NCT for over twenty years, but what I just discovered is that NCT also provides improve classes and summer camps for adults, kids, and teens who want to hone their improv skills, or who just want to become a little quicker on their feet for life in the real world. NCT classes and camps are held at their facility at Liberty Station in Pt. Loma. For more info on the NCT summer sessions, check out their site.

NCT summer sessions at Liberty Station

INTERESTING FACT: Whose Line is it Anyway is coming back to TV this summer!



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