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Running With Friends

I have recently been bitten by the running bug.  This is not the first time that I’ve bitten.  A few years ago, I was participating in at least one race or 5K run a month. But with a busy work schedule, my son’s activities, and life in general, I lacked the time and focus to actually work on my “running”.

While running a St. Patrick’s Day Race earlier in the Spring, I realized how much I missed running and doing races.  I slowly decided to start running again.  I knew that I had to “find the time” for myself, and that I needed the stress relief that running gave me.

It had been awhile since I had signed up for races and I realized how many cool races that are out there now.  I signed up for The Color Run in April with my friend, Megan.  Megan came all the way from Santa Barbara to run with me.  We had both started running recently and thought that The Color Run would be something fun to do together. And of course, we had a blast.

On the 4th of July, I ran a 5K race in Huntington Beach with a friend, Monique, and my son.  It was fun to dress up in patriotic colors on the holiday, and start the day off with a nice 3.1 run, with an ocean view.

And at the beginning of the month, I ran the Awesome 80’s Run in Pasadena with my friend, Monique.  Before the start of the race, I ran into several other people I knew, and my friend, Jen (pictured above).  It was so much fun to see everyone dressed up in 80’s attire. And there was quite an abundance of neon going on.

Although we may not be fast runners, I have had a blast doing these races with my friends. It is great motivation to get me running, and it also helps me make the commitment to get better.  Plus silly outfits and themed races are great for photographs.

Have you done any “fun” races recently? Do you run or do races with your friends?

If you are looking for a fun race to do. Here are some upcoming races in the Los Angeles/Orange County/San Diego area:

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