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John Baldessari at Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

I love art, and my kids love to do art projects. The nice thing about art is that there are so many different kinds. With math, for example, there really is only one way to add 2+2. In art, you can express a variety of mediums, moods and techniques, which is why I was excited to hear about an art show happening in La Jolla next week.

The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego is excited to share information with you about an upcoming event for families at MCASD La Jolla on Saturday, May 5 from 2-4 PM.

This event will include a Look/Explore tour about the exhibition John Baldessari: A Print Retrospective From the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation. After having time to tour and explore the gallery, families will have the opportunity to participate in a printing workshop. Amber George, a local artist, print maker extraordinaire and teacher at High Tech Elementary, will lead the workshop.

Families will experience a hands-on, print-making project and will also be inspired by Baldessari’s art-making process. This program is recommended for families with children ages 5 and older. If you attended Print Mania in March, this program will elaborate further on similar activities and lessons. If you did not attend the original Print Mania in March, Print Mania Remix is the perfect opportunity to join in on the fun and get involved with the museum. Families can learn more about the program and purchase tickets at: Printmania Remix Family ArtLAB

As this is sure to be a wonderful and creative day for children and families, I recommend putting it on your calendars! To all our future artists, it’s time to create.

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