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Christmas Lights in San Diego

Do you have a favorite Christmas Lights display?

If you grew up in San Diego like I did, you most likely visited Candy Cane Lane during the Christmas season.  I remember going there several times as a kid with my family and then with my friends in high school.  I understand though that traffic issues caused the neighborhood to stop decorating like it once did.

Now that I have my own family, we’ve found our own local spots to hit each holiday season.

Christmas Card Lane in Rancho Penasquitos tops our list!

My first introduction to this neighborhood was in high school because one of my best friends lived in the neighborhood.  When my oldest daughter was almost 2 years old, it seemed like the perfect place to take her!

Our friends lived in the area, so met up and the girls got to ride in the stroller limo. (Apparently E’s friend wanted the front seat!)

Checking out the Christmas Cards

Almost every front yard boasts a large Christmas Card greeting and often coordinating decorations and of course millions of lights!

My daughter’s favorite character at the time was Elmo and we got to pose with him in a driveway!

It looks like Christmas Card Lane will be completely up and running next weekend on December 10 and run through December 31. I know my girls (7, 4, 2) are going to love going to see the Christmas lights this year.  You can walk or drive this neighborhood, but walking is always fun!

Directions from About.com

Oviedo Street – off Black Mtn. Rd. “Christmas Card Lane”: includes Twin Trails, Carmel Mtn. Rd.,Ellingham St., Renato St., Oviedo St., Twin Trails Dr., Barrymore St., Totherham Ave., Talca Ave., Talca Ct., Allenbrook Way, Davenport Ave., Amber Sky Ln. Dec. 10 through Dec. 31, 6 to 10 pm.

A few years ago, friends introduced us to Starlight Circle in Santee and it’s become another holiday tradition for us.  Last year when we went, it happened to be raining, but since it was already planned, we braved it with umbrellas and jackets.  We got pretty wet, but it just added to the fun!

Starlight Circle is great for walking and boasts tons of ornately decorated homes.  One home sometimes even projects Christmas movies on the side of their house.  I must admit though, my favorite part of Starlight Circle is the homemade kettle corn a family cooks in their driveway and sells fresh.  It is so yummy and a much anticipated treat for all of us.

Directions from About.com

Starlight Circle (Sunburst Santee area), Tomel Court – off Magnolia. Dec. 3 through 31, 6 to 11 pm. On Dec. 17, the neighborhood is holding a Food Drive for the San Diego Food Bank. Bring a non-perishable food item and drop it in the barrels to help feed the hungry in San Diego County.

Visit the above links for a list of even more displays around San Diego.

Where does your family like to go?  Any fun traditions to go along with your Christmas lights viewing?

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