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A Recap of the 2011 AMA Performances

Well the 2011 American Music Awards certainly made a good showing of the contemporary music scene. I’ve always been a big fan of pop music, even now, being a mom of two little ones and pushing the big 4-0. I love my pop radio and I love the AMAs.

So here is a breakdown of all the musical acts who performed at the AMAs last night, including the good, the bad, and the “why the hell is The Hoff here?”…


Nicki Minaj opened up the show with a bang, and a clang considering her metalically adorned lady lumps. She was backed by DJ David Guetta, who I’ve loved since his hit, Sexy Chick and the two of them got the crowd up off their feet and into a standing ovation. I had never heard of Nicki Minaj until Sophia Grace made her famous on Ellen, but last night she walked, or should I say limped away from the evening with two trophies, the highest heels I’ve ever seen, and the promise of a bright future in music.

Justin Bieber – I am probably the oldest Bieber fan to ever exist, but this performance did not quite get my old lady juices flowin’. The Michael-Jackson-inspired white jacket seemed a little over the top and the Christmas vibe felt out of place considering we haven’t even had Turkey Day yet. But I still love you Biebs (especially for following though on the #liftmargaret campaign. For those of you who don’t know about #liftmargaret tune into An Inch of Gray later this week to find out).

Chris Brown – Just as it will be hard for anyone of this generation to equate Penn State with anything other than the Sandusky child molestation scandal, it is equally as hard for us to think of anything besides a battered Rhianna when we see this young, uber-talented star. Which is a shame, because this cat is can sang. And dance, as close to Michael Jackson as anyone I’ve ever seen. In his AMA performance he crooned, “I want it all back,” and oh, how I’m sure he does. If he can keep his temper in check, hopefully his tarnished image can gain some luster again.

Kelly Clarkson hit the stage lookin’ a little like Jessica Rabbit but sang like the sweetest, most talented Southern Belle ya ever did see. Her New Orleansish, jazz rendition of Mr. Know It All was a hit with the audience and the viewers.

Enrique Iglesias — In the middle of his performance, I had a debate with my husband on whether or not the song was really that good of a song. After several gyrations and some googly eyes, I finally admitted I hadn’t heard one word of the song. He’s luscious. End of story.

J-Lo—I am a huge J-Lo fan however the first half of her performance was a little of a train wreck. Or should I say a Fiat wreck? But then Pitbull joined in for one of my favorite songs of the year, Get on the Floor, and they tore it up, on the floor. Also, Pitbull may or may not stuff his pants. Discuss.


Katy Perry — As Heidi Klum announced with her edible accent, “Katy Perry rules the world of pop music.” True dat, Heidi! So why then heck did KP dress like a Jetson, and sing a ballad that made me fall asleep mid-tweet about how bad her outfit is? I got nothin’ but love for ya, Katy, but was not a fan (P.S. That’s my RIP shout out to Heavy D).

Maroon 5 led by hottie Adam Levine busted out their Jagger-like moves and I swooned like a teen. Christina Aguilera sang her heart and her boobs out.Then, for my favorite moment of the night, Adam joined the Gym Class Heroes to sing Stereo Hearts, the best love song of 2011.

My almost 40 yr. old self showed itself when Drake came on. Had no clue who he was so I took a pee break.

Daughtry – Chris Daughtry could very well be my favorite American Idol contestant ever, so, I was very happy to see him performing on the AMA stage, rocking harder than some of the contestants who actually landed the title of American Idol. Go on with your one-named bad self, Daughtry.

LMFAO – These guys, plus their dance crew from “America’s Best Dance Crew,” produced the best dance party song of the year, and actually, probably the best dance party song since Hey Ya by Outkast. They deserved to close the show and totally rocked the house. Just please someone explain to me why David Hasselhoff had to make an appearance? The Hoff is everywhere.

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  6. Kathleen 11/21/2011 at 11:16 pm

    Me thinks PitBull may have been trying to hide the salami due to the burlesque costume.

  7. Jennifer D. 11/21/2011 at 6:10 pm

    Really with that smiley face placement Mr. Hoff. Ick.