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The GLEE Project Shines

Move over Idol, now there’s something GLEEkier. It’s called The GLEE Project and it’s all that and a room full of spirit fingers. This new reality show in which the prize is a role on the hit show GLEE, is the perfect combination of a task-based reality show, like my favorite, Project Runway, and an audition/performance-based show like American Idol.

It is GLEE in real life, and I love every second of it.

The producers of TGP have brought together a Breakfast Club-like group of cast-outs, ingénues and Patti Lupone wannabes who must compete in various performance-based tasks. They are asked to learn contemporary songs, pick-up choreography and perform on camera, subtlety but with feeling. The bottom three must perform a “fight for your life” song for THE Ryan Murphy, the theatrical guru behind GLEE, and based on those performances, Mr. Murphy decides who is to take their final bow.

This show has it all: the cattiness of the Real Housewives shows, the competitive spirit of The Apprentice-type shows, and most importantly, the creativity and incredible musicality of GLEE. In fact, the exceptionally talented contestants have pipes like you would not believe. They blow doors off the vocalists of Idol, The Voice and America’s Got Talent. Plus, when you have a bunch of creative, left-brained, emotional, diva-ish thespians all in one room, melodrama and histrionics are bound to ensue; and they do. From the quirky Christian who calls his mom crying because the brunette bombshell plants an unscripted kiss on him, to the African American drag queen who circle snaps his way around the spunky little person, it is high drama from beginning to end.

Oh and did I mention that various cast members from GLEE make guest appearances on the show? Darren Criss has been on twice. ‘Nuff said.

You can pretty much cover me in cold slushee and throw me to a pack of Sue Silversterian wolves; I’m so gaga for this show, I don’t need anything else in my life.

The GLEE Project airs on Sunday nights on Oxygen at 9/8 C. C ya then.


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