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TGIF Jazz in the Park Concert Series: A Suburban Rumpus

Carlsbad TGIF Jazz in the Park concert series

According to the powers that be, summer officially begins on June 21st, however, for me, summer will officially begin on Friday, June 24th when the Carlsbad TGIF Jazz in the Park concert series begins.

Every Friday night during the summer, from June 24 until August 19th, the City of Carlsbad hosts a Friday night jazz concert at one of their three main parks (Stage Coach, Poinsettia, or Calavera Hills). Folks of all ages and sizes set up camp with beach blankets and picnic gear, and then rock out til the sun goes down a wide variation of jazz bands. It’s as close to a wild rumpus as you’re going to find in the suburbs, though there will be no gnashing of teeth or scary creatures (okay, maybe a few).

I, for one, am excited to hear “Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band” play on July 1st at StageCoach Park. And yes, it’s because I can relate.

So grab your Koozies and your lawn chairs and meet us out at the TGIF Jazz in the Park concerts. It’s Americana at its finest. And your kids will dance and expend so much energy that they’ll sleep through the night, I promise.

Carlsbad TGIF Jazz in the Park Concert series schedule


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