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Go With a Sports Theme For Your Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is approaching rather quickly and if you’re like me, you haven’t given it a lick of thought. Since my husband is an avid sports fan, I’m going to go one of two ways:

EXPENSIVE AND AWESOME: I have found in past years that tickets to a major sporting event are always a big hit as gifts for my husband; Lakers one year and Manchester United another (when we were on vacay in England). If you’re in SoCal like I am, the hot ticket item right now is the Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Real Madrid game on July 16th. Real Madrid is one of the best futbol teams EVER. And, did I mention that David Beckham plays for the Galaxy?

Gift Idea for Father's Day

It’s a win-win, my friends. Win. Win.

OR, you can go:

CHEAP AND AWESOME: Take these four inexpensive/free steps and you’re golden:

1)   Wrap up the remote control (if you’re afraid he might abuse the privileges with this one, you can add a note stipulating the dates of usage).

2)   Wrap up a six pack of beer (or suitable beverage of choice).

3)   Personalize a Koozi (might be too late for this one, but seriously , who doesn’t want/need one more of these?).

4)   Put on a sports jersey, his or yours if you have one, and nothing else. BOOM!

Happy Father’s Day, darling.

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