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Five Things You’ll Want to Know Before Seeing Mr. Popper’s Penguins

In anticipation for the opening of Mr. Popper’s Penguins today, I felt compelled to write one more post on this adorable film. The blogger roundtable I attended for this film included an interview with the film’s director, Mark Waters, and the producer, John Davis, where I learned lots of behind-the-scenes dirt.

Their passion for the film seeped out throughout the interview and their appreciation for us, as movie-goers and moms (+ one dad) was encouraging. Both family men with kids at home, they told us that they use their own kids for the barometer for any questionable scenes. If a particular line or scene would not fly in front of their own kids, then it didn’t make the movie.

They also mentioned that six or more big name actors had approached them about starring in the film, one of which even claimed he even went to South Africa to sleep with penguins. No names were given though, darn!

It’s always fun to see a movie knowing some inside scoop, so here are some tidbits of behind-the-scenes trivia we learned that will make your experience with Mr. Popper and his fine flapping friends even better.

1)   Mark Waters resembles Jim Carrey so much that they used him in a picture frame to represent Tom Popper’s dad. Look for it in the first few scenes.

2)   The set was kept at 40 degrees. If it looks like Jim & Carla’s mouths are purple and frozen at some point, they probably are.

3)   The last punchline of the movie, delivered by Carla Gugino, was thrown in at the last minute, based on how cold they all were during the making of the movie.

4)   This is the first time anyone has actually tried to train penguins giving new meaning to the term “school of fish.”

5)   No penguins were harmed in the making of this movie.

For my full review of the film and a chance to win a $50.00 movie gift card CLICK HERE.

No go check out the film and come back to tell me if you can guess what line I’m referring to in #3.



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