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It’s Hip Hop, Baby!

When Stacey of asked me if I wanted a free copy of a kids hip hop video to review I broke out into the running man and said, “hellz yes.” The words free and hip hop are three of most revered and frequently used words in the Godwin Family lexicon. But when the Hip Hop Dance Class DVD arrived and the cover said “For 5 years and up,” I questioned whether or not I was the right person to review it since my kids are 2 and 4. And then I put the DVD in and my concerns were quickly laid to rest.

We were first introduced to the It’s Hip Hop, Baby! brand a few months ago when Stacey gave us a DVD called It’s Hip Hop, Baby!: All Your Child Favorites.

My kids fell instantly in love with the songs and spent hours dancing around the living room to jams like Hip Hop Simon Says and Hip Hop Numbers. I’m certain that’s where my now 2 year old learned her numbers at 18 months (that and all the reading I did with her of course…).

And now, with this instructional dance class DVD, my girls are learning to clap on the off beat (almost as important as ABC’s in my book), and count musical beats rhythmically. It’s a perfect introduction to the basics of dance and the hip hop style of music, minus the cursing and talk of shorties and forties that we hear on the radio (I had to explain to Stef of recently that the term shorty is slang for a fine looking girl. God love!). So if you’re a stage-mom-in-the-making like me, or even in a stage-mom-in-full-swing, check out the Its Hip Hop, Baby! CDs and DVDs. Your kids will love them!

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Comments (2)

  1. Theresa Seid 09/02/2010 at 11:02 pm

    Bring it girls!

  2. Stefanie 09/02/2010 at 10:55 pm

    Stop. The. Madness. That is dancetastic. And? An added bonus that she is learning to count.